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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering for the Fairhill PTA is a rewarding and impactful way to contribute to your child's educational community. By dedicating your time and energy, you not only support the Fairhill's initiatives but also foster a strong sense of camaraderie among parents, teachers, and students. Whether it's helping to organize events, participating in fundraising activities, or collaborating on important decisions, PTA volunteers play a vital role in enhancing the overall educational experience..

Packing Food in Boxes

The PTA will be coordinating food donations to support Food for Others, our local community food bank. Students will have the option to donate extra food purchased from the cafeteria or unopened store bought food from home that is not eaten during lunch. Donations will be made on a weekly basis. Our efforts not only minimize food waste but also help the nearly 75,000 Fairfax County residents who are food insecure.

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