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Before and after school enrichment classes provide students with a dynamic platform for exploring their interests and expanding their horizons beyond the regular curriculum. These classes offer a diverse range of subjects, from arts and sports to STEM catering to a wide spectrum of passions. 



  • Basketball Next Session and New End Date - February 20, 2024 - April 23, 2024

  • Soccer New Start Date and End Date - February 21, 2024 - April 24, 2024

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Fall Enrichment Classes

Chess Game
Knitting Needles
Chess Pieces

Comic Book Illustration

Let students explore the incredible world of Comic Book Illustration and learn to take their creativity to a whole new level! Students will learn about character development, storyboarding, paneling, story design, color theory and how to hone their art style. Instructors will teach students how to create comics using traditional art along with digital software, so they may work comfortably in whichever medium they prefer. By the end of the course, each student will leave with their very own comic book they created in class, along with a strong introduction to digital art processes and comic composition concepts.


Cost: $115/participant



Join Ms. McKenrick for an introduction to knitting. Learn techniques and patterns, while enjoying fun projects and learning the tricks of the trade.


Cost: $110/participant

Chess Club

Learn chess with Magnus Academy, five-time world champion Magnus Carlsen’s academy!  We’ve taught 100,000 children to play including state & national champions, but most students are beginners looking to learn a new skill and have FUN. Class time is divided between lessons and practice games.  Lessons range from the basic rules to advanced tournament strategies. Students will have the opportunity to play in tournaments outside of club time.  This in-person club includes free online extras including weekly practice tournaments, a Chesskid Gold membership, and an event with a chess celebrity. All chess supplies provided. All skill levels are welcome.


Cost: $213/participant Register: 

Book of Chords
PE Class

Group Music Fun!

Students will participate in an ensemble music group.  They may choose which instrument to play during the session – piano, guitar, violin or drums.  Students will learn about the instruments as well as how to play in a music group.


Cost: $200/participant including instrument rental.


Intro to Game Design

Intro to Game Design introduces students to important game design concepts so they may use their creativity and problem-solving skills to create fun, complete and shareable games! The course teaches students important factors they need to consider when creating a game, such as game mechanics, player experience, art, story and how to work within your scope. Via discussions, activities and computer work led by our instructors, students will learn how to make games from beginning to end. At the end of the session, students will leave with their own account information, so they may continue developing games at home and sharing them with friends and family.


Cost: $130/participant


Ultimate Dance Fitness

Kids in Motion K-5 students will dance, jump, run, and play the whole hour! Kids follow along with the teacher to songs and dances, play games that include limbo sticks, balloons, freeze dance, dancing 4 corners, dancing hot potato, follow the leader, and more! This is a dance fitness class using kid friendly songs, choreography, and dance games. This class helps children making friends, get active after school, and love dance fitness!


Cost: $161/participant



Basketball Program

In this 8-week program, students will learn basketball skills and make new friends in a safe and encouraging environment with professional, friendly coaches.


Cost: $132/participant


7 Elements of Art

Join Ms. Mingo for 8 weeks of learning what elements are used to make art. Build your confidence through drawing and learn the vocabulary artists use.


Cost: $95/participant.

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a tabletop fantasy game. Students will be creating characters then working together on an adventure. Each

week, the players will be using their skills and strategy to overcome obstacles and progress through the story. D&D is a great place for improv, collaboration, and creativity. Maximum 5 spaces per class.


Cost: $130/participant.

Painting with Watercolor

Soccer Club

In this 8-week program, students will learn new skills and make new friends in a safe and encouraging environment with professional, friendly coaches.


Cost: $149/participant


Flag Football

This program is for K-3 boys and girls. During class, athletes start with warm-ups, move on to learn the basics of passing, catching, running routes, and then work up to being able to form teams to scrimmage. Coaches engage the kids in super fun warm-ups, such as sharks and minnows, tag games, and team racing competitions at the start of class. This class teaches kids the fundamentals and they learn basic skills in flag football. It's a great way to get active after the school day!


Cost: $161/participant


My Art World

Join Ms. Mingo for 8 weeks of learning about famous artists and their unique styles. Create your own original works of art based on eight different artists.


Cost: $95/participant.

School Kids Meditating
Screen Shot 2024-01-18 at 9.55.08 AM.png


Yoga is designed for children in grades K-5. Yoga instructors use a variety of teaching methods and activities, such as poses, meditations, drawings, music, books, sing a longs, stories, and games to develop focus, flexibility, strength, and calmness. Session after session yoga is a continual promotion of doing your personal best, without competition.


Cost: $161/participant


Pokémon Club

“Have you ever wanted to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game? Well, you’re in luck, because Fairhill now has its own Pokémon club! Join Mr. Ryan and Mr. Sved as they teach you everything you need to know about Pokémon. It’s time to build your deck, battle your friends, and become a Pokémon master! Do you have what it takes?” 


Cost: Free For registration, visit link  

Tiger Cheer Club

Cheer is back! Join Ms. Santos for Tiger Cheer Club. Students will get to learn cheers, move, have fun and the club will also cheer at our Staff Basketball game on Friday March 15th. 

Disclaimer: Opportunities offered by organizations other than Fairfax County Public Schools are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Fairfax CountySchool Board, the Superintendent, or a specific school. These opportunities may utilize technology tools that have not been assessed by the FairfaxCounty Public Schools Department of Information Technology. Students should gain permission from their parent or guardian before engaging in anynon-FCPS enrichment opportunity and families should review the Terms of Service, User Agreements, and Privacy Policy for any technology platformthat the enrichment opportunity may use before participating.

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